Fashion star a very well established company till 1980 as it is ex-name Alex l.l.c and we modified the name to ( Fashion Star in 2011) .

We do all kind of garments , And we also work different product like all kind of vehicles covers cars , trucks , planes to confezioni andrea one of the biggest covers customer in Italy and Romania .

Fashion star Company has one of the most modern and highly technique cutting and spreading tissue machine with computer device ( Electronic cutting with laser – Morgan Razor Brand ).

The cutting and spreading team trained at the highest level at the hand of experts from abroad.

Fashion star Company has modern sewing machines which related to manufacturing all kind of garments, To provide highly quality services , we support employment, training, employee relations, benefits, compensation and safety beyond the expectations of all employees enabling them to better serve our external customers.

  • defacto
  • adidas
  • giorgio
  • rebook
  • wakiki
  • WINK
  • Champion
  • Miroma
  • bruntwood
  • Walmart

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Kilo 23 Alex Cairo desert road Merghem,Alexandria .


(+203) 470 56 56 - 470 30 56