The quality of factory buildings has a major impact on the safety and productivity of workers in the work environment. SO these buildings are planned, constructed, physical stability, structural load capacity, fire prevention and general safety issues taken into consideration and comply with applicable health and safety requirements.

The principal concern in assessing the architecture of that factory is the risk. However, More common safety hazards such as obstructed or insufficient exited emergency routes may also increase the likelihood of loss of life during an emergency. So we highly take that into our consideration in constructing.

The complete building maintained in good condition. Even we have special anti fire floor which provide highly protection to our workplace (people and machines, all other aspects which related to the factory safety and the customer products safety.)

Fire and Emergency Preparedness Plan

PROVIDE plans for the factory buildings, offices and dormitories, and post them at easily seen locations that show :

  • Actual location (“You are here”).
  • Locations of fire extinguishers
  • Locations of audio and visual alarms.
  • Locations of First Aid kits.
  • Locations of alarm system pull boxes, activation buttons, or call points.
  • Exit routes, Exits and Assembly areas.
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